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Where to Buy GT Cosmetics Products Online

GT Cosmetics makes the best and highly effective skincare products that are gentle on you!

Don’t know where to buy GT Cosmetics products? We got you covered! You can find the best place to buy GT products online here:

Buy GT Cosmetics Products on Shopee - Order Online, Cash-On-Delivery

This Shopee online shop – Ziasamara Online Store – is popular for their selection of beauty and personal care products, and as an authorized distributor offers the widest range of GT Cosmetics products you can order online at the cheapest, discounted and wholesale prices.

They are also known for providing excellent and secure packaging for your orders, and cash-on-delivery (COD) is available! 100% original, direct from the factory. No regrets! ❤ 👌

How to Buy GT Cosmetics Products on Shopee

Here’s how you can buy GT Cosmetics products through the Shopee app:

1. Click/tap on the link below to go to the best and most preferred GT Cosmetics products authorized dealer in Shopee – Ziasamara Online Store:

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You can also use the link below to directly navigate to their GT Cosmetics products category:

If you already have the Shopee app installed on your device, it will automatically open the link. If not, don’t worry as you can just use your device’s default browser to make an order.

2. Find and select the product that you’d like to order. You will be directed to the product page containing more information about it as well as be able to make your order.

3. In the product page, select “Buy Now” (if you’re only buying this one product), or “Add to Cart” (if you want to buy other products too!) at the bottom of your screen.

Buy or Add to Cart GT Cosmetics Products

4. You can add as many different products from the shop as you want. When you’re done, select the small grocery cart icon at the top-right corner of your screen to “View Cart” (your orders).

View Cart containing GT Cosmetics Products

5. In the cart page, select or check the products you’d like to finally order. You can also just simply check the store name to order everything you’ve added to cart from that store.

Select your orders and checkout GT Cosmetics products

6. Select the “Check Out” button at the bottom-right corner to review your order. Here you will be able to set your delivery address, add vouchers if available, select your courier and your preferred payment method (cash-on-delivery or COD is available!). You will be shown the breakdown and total of your orders before you confirm it.

7. After you have confirmed your order, you will be provided a tracking number to allow you to monitor the status of your order. Within 24 hours, the shop will review your order (they will contact you if needed about your order), and confirm it from their end. Once confirmed by the seller, it means your order is already being prepared and packed securely to be picked up by the courier on the next business day.

Now sit back and relax while you wait for your order to arrive!

Please note that it may take a few days to a few weeks for your order to arrive depending on your location and your selected courier’s current logistics situation. Delays are on the courier’s end, and the shop unfortunately doesn’t have control on that. Patience is a virtue, as they say!

8. On the day of your order’s delivery, the courier will contact you in the morning informing you to expect a package from them. If you’ve chosen COD as your payment method, please make sure to prepare the correct amount to pay for your order.

Wishing you a great online shopping experience!

The Most Popular GT Cosmetics Products You Can Buy Online

Here’s a list of the most popular and in-demand GT Cosmetics Products you can buy online:

GT Carrot Lotion with SPF60 (100ml)

GT Carrot Lotion with SPF60 (100ml)Are you looking for a sunscreen/sunblock lotion with instant white effect?

GT Carrot Lotion contains beta-carotene that is known for its multiple benefits on the skin. One of which is its powerful antioxidant that prevents premature aging and helps protect cells from damage.

GT Bleaching Cream Hydroquinone + Tretinoin

GT Bleaching Cream Hydroquinone + TretinoinUsed for the treatment and prevention of pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and wrinkles.

It removes dead skin, whiten dark spots, blemishes and other skin discolorations such as freckles and age spots. It also helps restore and rejuvenate skin. Whitens skin while you sleep. Slows down skin aging. Leaves skin looking fair and healthy.


GT BRIGHTENING C+ with Glutathione HYDRA WHITE BODY SERUMWith breathable formula. Non-sticky, very light and allows oxygen in air to deeply penetrate the skin to keep it supple, radiant and recharged.

With Hydro Plus Technology that contains natural sugars and SODIUM HYALURONATE that hydrates skin by restoring skin’s natural reservoirs and relying on proper moisturization as the first line of defense against dryness and premature aging.


GT CARROT SOAP (120g)Our soaps remained true to its claim over the years. Effective, safe and rich with nature’s real goodness. Formulated and enriched with premium natural extracts that are 100% beneficial for the skin.

Not just that! It has natural coconut oil as base making it super moisturizing for the skin! PURE herbal extract. Anti-Aging Skin Whitening. Has beta carotene that is good for the skin reduces signs of aging, promoting a beauty, white, and young looking skin.

Helps remove skin blemishes like pimples, acne, and black heads. SKIN becomes tight and firm. Wrinkles are gently eliminated leaving a smooth, soft, younger looking and healthy white skin.


GT BLEACHING SOAP (120g)Naturally lightens and brightens skin; evens out tone and texture; gently cleanses, hydrates, and nourishes skin; enriched with alum and lemon for fairer skin; astringent properties leave a healthy glow. Perfect for Dully and Spotty Skin!

Containing alum and lemon helps whitens skin naturally without side effects when exposed to the sun, GT Bleaching Soap has the disinfectant property of alum and vitamin C – enriched lemon which also makes the soap work like facial cleanser or astringent that gives skin a natural glow.

GT Whitening Deodorant for Women and GT Men Active Fresh

GT Whitening Deodorant for Women and GT Men Active FreshHave you tried the new GT Whitening Deodorant with Moroccan Argan Oil and GT Men Active Fresh with Tea Tree Extract?

GT Whitening Deodorant is a deodorant and anti-perspirant that can whiten underarms. It also contains Moroccan Argan Oil which is rich in beneficial components such as Vitamin E and antioxidants. It also softens skin and helps restore skin elasticity.

GT Men Active Fresh Deodorant is one of the first products of GT Cosmetics specific for Men. It contains Tea Tree Extract that is known for its anti-bacterial properties and helps aid against ailments such as rashes and skin infections. It has a fresh and clean feeling, great for active men.

Underarm whitening. Smoothens skin. 24 hours protection. Deodorant and Anti-Perspirant.

GT Moisturizing “Day” Cream with sunblock SPF60 20grams

GT Moisturizing Day Cream with sunblock SPF60 20gramsGT Moisturizing “Day” Cream is a mild combination of anti-aging, moisturizing, and whitening ingredients enriched with skin vitamins and SPF 60 to keep skin protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

Moisturizes dry skin. Serves as facial sunscreen. Leaves skin soft and smooth all day.

GT BRIGHTENING C+ with Glutathione Beauty Soap

GT BRIGHTENING C+ with Glutathione Beauty SoapYou will surely love pampering your skin with this whitening + natural skin nutrients combination.

GT Brightening C+ with Glutathione Beauty Soap is rich in vitamin C and acts as anti-oxidant and fights free radicals that causes skin aging ang darkening. Act as mild exfoliant by getting rid of dead skin cells which contains melanin making skin more smoother and brighter. 0% paraben. 0%alcohol.

GT Brightening C+ with Glutathione Set

GT Brightening C+ with Glutathione SetSkin whitening. Moisturizer and wrinkle reducer. Toner. Helps lighten age spots, freckles and uneven skin tone. SPF 70. Contains Glutathione. Contains Tangerine Peel Extract.

GT Brightening C+ with Glutathione Set is a complete set that contains Citrus reticulata (Tangerine) Peel Extract that provides a luminous and brightening glow to your skin by improving the cell’s structure.

It has Vitamin C, which not only reduces the level of damaging free radicals but also helps increase skin firmness. It helps to brighten skin complexion by inhibiting the formation of melanin.

It also contains Glutathione that functions as a major anti-oxidant. This protects the skin from oxidation and is involved in cellular detoxification for maintenance of the skin cell environment. It provides skin whitening effect through its tyrosinase inhibitory activity.

The set includes, GT Brightening C+ with Glutathione:

  • Night Care
  • Daily Sun Care (with tint)
  • Beauty Soap
  • Intensive Hydra Burst
  • Toning Water Essence

GT BRIGHTENING C+ INTENSIVE HYDRA BURSTGT Brightening C+ Intensive Hydra Burst is a hydrating facial gel that delivers a brighter and more luminous effect. It calms and relieves dry, inflamed and sunburnt skin that deeply moisturizes and rejuvenate skin keeping it supple and younger looking.

Rich in vitamin C, essential for collagen synthesis to battle wrinkles and premature aging. Collagen is a vital part of the skin that gives elasticity, making skin young and firm.

Fights redness and inflammation and can removes red blotches on the skin and is effective treating acne and rosacea. Hydrates and moisturizes skin. Paraben free and alcohol free. No mineral oil. For sensitive skin

GT Brightening C+ Toning Water Essence

GT Brightening C+ Toning Water EssenceInfused with brightening, toning, and hydrating ingredients. This multifunction toner balances the pH mantle of skin following cleansing. It also calms and provides perfect preparation to receive further skin nutrition.

Improves skin elasticity to soften and smoothen skin. This gently removes surface debris and dirt while hydrating and comforting skin. Contains NO Alcohol. Paraben-Free. 100% NO HARSH CHEMICALS.

GT Brightening C+ with Glutathione Night Care Cream

GT Brightening C+ with Glutathione Night Care CreamWake up with no make-up! Get that dewy Healthy skin every morning with the best night care formula ever made!

Use GT Brightening C+ with glutathione night care cream totally enriched with skin nourishing Vitamin C and pure tangerine peel extracts to keep your skin glowing. No harsh peeling required

GT Whitening Cream with Sunblock SPF15

GT Whitening Cream with Sunblock SPF15A four-in-one solution to your skin needs. It can serve as a make-up base, moisturizer, sunblock protection, and whitening cream. The cream also evens out skin tone without clogging the pores. This results into an evenly fair and clear complexion.

Moisturizes dry skin. Serves as facial sunscreen. Leaves skin soft and smooth all day.

GT Clarifiance Toner

GT Clarifiance TonerFormulated with Witch Hazel Extract which is know to soothe and calm redness and skin irritations. Skin cleanser and freshener with rejuvenating effect.

Effectively removes deep seated dirt, make-up, dead skin, dark spots and other skin blemishes, leaving a smooth, fresh, wrinkle-free & young looking skin. Very mild and safe even to sensitive skin.

GT BRIGHTENING C+ with Glutathione Daily Suncare with SPF70

GT BRIGHTENING C+ with Glutathione Daily Suncare with SPF70Have fun but always stay protected under the heat of the summer sun!

Use GT Brightening C+ Daily suncare with SPF 70! A tinted facial sunscreen that keeps you protected from harmful UV rays.

GT Cosmetics Rejuvenating Set

GT Cosmetics Rejuvenating SetExfoliate / peeling effect. Skin lightening.

Set 01

  • GT Bleaching Cream
  • GT Carrot Soap
  • GT Moisturizing Cream with SPF60
  • GT Clarifiance

Set 02

  • GT Bleaching Cream
  • GT Bleaching Soap
  • GT Moisturizing Cream with SPF60
  • GT Clarifiance
GT Papaya Lotion with SPF 40

GT Papaya Lotion with SPF 40Protect your skin from the sun while moisturizing it at the same time with GT papaya lotion spf 40!

GT Papaya Lotion is a 3-in-1 lotion that whitens, moisturizes, and protects skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Contains Collagen that helps reduce signs of aging. Sunblock with SPF 40. Reduces signs of aging. Leaves skin looking fair and healthy.

GT Micellar Water Cleansing Solution

GT Micellar Water Cleansing SolutionGood as make-up remover. With tea tree extract. 0% ALCOHOL. 0% PARABEN.

GT Micellar Water with Tea Tree Extract cleansing solution hastens in effectively drawing out make-up residues leaving a clean, radiant and hydrated skin. It gently pulls the unwanted impurities out of your pores and get washed away as an all-in-one process.

GT Cosmetics Pressed Powder Superior Cover with SPF 20

GT Cosmetics Pressed Powder Superior Cover with SPF 20Smooth, silky soft face powder with oil absorbing formula that provides a long lasting natural matte finish giving you a glowing flawless skin.

It provides full coverage which effectively covers and conceal blemishes, pores, spots, scars, fine lines, discoloration and other imperfections which evens out patchy skin and leaves a long-wearing matte finish.

It also hydrates, softens and smoothen skin for a younger-looking glow – all natural and hypoallergenic. Delivers superior coverage with SPF 20 which can be used with dry or wet sponge and begets a glowing natural-looking finish that won’t streak or cake.

GT Cosmetics 3 Bar Soaps Inside (120g x 3)

GT Cosmetics 3 Bar Soaps Inside (120g x 3)Contains beta-carotene that is known for its multiple benefits on the skin, GT Carrot Soap has a powerful antioxidant that prevents premature aging and helps protect cells from damage.

Using natural coco soap base with Lemon Extract, GT Bleaching Soap helps whiten skin naturally without side effects even when exposed to the sun. Contains Vitamins C that gives skin a natural glowing feeling.

With its exfoliating and anti-bacterial properties, GT Papaya Soap helps maintain a fair, soft and younger looking skin. Washes away dead skin and prevents skin blemishes, pimples and acne keeping the skin glowing naturally.

GT Cosmetics Papaya Soap

GT Cosmetics Papaya SoapA coconut oil-based soap for naturally glowing soft skin.

Cleanses with antibacterial properties to wash away dirt and oil; gently exfoliates dead skin cells for a smoother look; helps minimize the appearance of scarring caused by acne; promotes skin renewal and cell rejuvenation with natural papaya extract rich in vitamins A, C, and E.

GT Color Wand Liquid Lipstick – For Every Hue Collection

GT Color Wand Liquid Lipstick - For Every Hue CollectionYou’ll get a super duper highly pigmented liquid lipsticks! These are non-drying because they contain Shea butter and 8 botanical extracts keeping lips plump and moisturized!

Available in 9 wonderful shades:

  • Girl Next Door
  • NBSB
  • Boho Chic
  • Diva
  • Sporty Bombshell
  • Boss Babe
  • It Girl
  • Goth Goddess
  • The Brainiac

About GT Cosmetics

GT Cosmetics Manufacturing Inc. is one of the leading manufacturers of beauty and skincare products in the Philippines. Their products are also recognized both locally and abroad, and are being exported to other countries!

GT Cosmetics products are known for being affordable yet premium, highly effective and extra gentle.

GT Cosmetics is ISO 22716 Certified. They are also Halal Certified (IDCP), ISO 9001:2015 Certified (TÜV SÜD Philippines), and have a License to Operate from the FDA Philippines.